What To Do When Your Toilet Won’t Stop Running

by | Oct 20, 2016

Toilets can have a variety of problems that can be frustrating to deal with. Some toilet problems are actually quite small and can be easily corrected with just simple steps. If you’ve started noticing major problems such as sewage backup, clogs that a plunger isn’t unplugging, or leaks in hard-to-reach areas, those are problems that require a professional plumber to come fix the problems and should not be attempted to do on your own. But if it’s a minor problem related to a toilet bowl not quite filling to proper level, water trickling down into the bowl, or the toilet not flushing completely when the lever is pulled, you can try a plumbing fix on your own to address those.

Toilet Isn’t Getting A Full Bowl Or Good Flush

Sometimes water that should be going into the toilet bowl while its flushing to refill it doesn’t go in there. When this happens it’s usually because the fill tube got knocked out of place or is defective. What you can do is open up the lid to the refill tank and see if the little plastic tube that goes from the refill valve (the long metal pipe in your toilet) to the plastic overflow pipe is working. If water is missing the overflow tube due to the fill tube missing its mark, you simply have to reattach the fill tube to the refill valve and redirect it to go through the overflow tube. If water is not coming out of the fill tube, you might have a problem with the refill valve or your water lines.

Water Is Constantly Running Into The Toilet Bowl

Toilet problems could involve water running into the toilet bowl that won’t stop because of a bad flapper or bad float positioning. Flappers are usually easy to replace, with most hardware or home improvement stores carrying them, although occasionally if a matching one isn’t found you may have to get a new overflow tube and flapper to replace your current one. If it’s not the flapper, it’s probably because your float, which controls the refill valve is positioned incorrectly. You can adjust where the float will stop and shutoff the refill valve. On older toilets, the float is a ball on a rod that has to be adjusted by bending the rod. On newer models, it’s usually a cylinder-shaped object that slides up and down the refill valve and is attached by tightening or loosening a screw or clip that holds it in place. Move it so that it is positioned where it’s supposed to be at the “full” mark.

Chain And Lever Problems In The Toilet

One other plumbing fix you might look into is making sure the chain and the flush lever leading to the flapper are working. Sometimes the chain can get bumped off its attachment to the lever rod and that causes the flapper to only open part way. Simply readjust the chain to the make sure it’s given enough room to open the flapper fully but will let it shut once the water fills.

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