Customer Testimonials

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Arlington, TX 76013

“I highly recommend this company for all your A/C needs. On budget and on time!
The technician was polite, and the dispatcher took all relevant information.”

– unknown a.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Bedford, TX 76021

“Everything went according to plan. He showed me a couple issues with the AC unit that I need to keep an eye on, apart from that all good.”

– Mark w.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX 76131

“Good value, gave good guidance for future.”

– Gulzeb n.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Arlington, TX 76013

“We just moved here from Houston and moved into a new house. We had just about every problem in a new home you could thing of. Our new house had been vacant for over two years and bought it in a foreclosure. !st weekend in our home the AC quit working and my wife started calling AC companies and no one seemed to be answering their phones and finally we got to WHM's number and it was answered in first ring. The person that answered the phone was very polite and assured us we would get service today. They sent a technician out in about an hour and he quickly diagnosed the problem as some kind of part for the fan motor, put it on and checked our system and signed us up on their maintenance contract. We feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled onto a company of such professionalism and honesty, Thank you WHM”

– Gerald B.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Arlington, TX 76013

“We have used WHM for at least 40 years (both my parents and myself). They are honest, professional and always reliable. Best company you could use for your maintenance needs.”

– Jana h.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Fort Worth, TX 76244

“Knowledgeable & thorough. He did a great job.”

– Rebbecca A.

Plumbing Service in Arlington, TX 76016

“We've had hired WHM to replace our water heater and were so impressed by their work that we hired them to clean our ducts. The ducts were absolutely filthy and causing problems with our allergies.
I received a call from WHM about 30 minutes prior to their arrival to inform me that they were on their way. Two WHM personnel arrived and started their work immediately. They brought floor coverings and a large vacuum, opened the ceiling vent in each room, vacuumed the ducts, and then cleaned and reinstalled each vent. The entire process took about 3 hours to complete. I could tell the difference in air quality very soon after they left. They were very professional and cleaned up any debris that resulted from their work. We are very satisfied with the work they performed.”

– John m.

Plumbing Service in Arlington, TX 76018

“The men came in on time, and finished before their scheduled time. It was quick, clean and no

– dusty j.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Bedford, TX 76021

“Courteous and Ethical.”

– Mary f.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Other, TX 75224

“Great!! Service Reps were wonderful!! They inspected my new Furnace only to find that the company that installed it did it incorrectly. Had I not contacted this company I would have never known!!”

– Ryan w.

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