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Peak Performance Program

Two Free Check-Ups Per Year

  • A 21-point air conditioning or heating check-up typically retails for $99. Our Peak Performance Program provides this service Free of charge, an annual savings of $158.
  • The majority of homeowners fail to maintain their system twice a year as required by their manufacturer. Having your system serviced twice a year preserves the units warranty and your home warranty. This enables us to identify minor problems (like a small refrigerant leak) before they can create more expensive repairs like a $1,500 compressor change out.
  • Having your system checked regularly allows us to monitor its performance history. If a reading appears abnormal, we will now have the ability to compare it to readings on our prior visits.

20% Off Replacement Parts

  • A thorough check-up will maintain tight connections and keep parts clean and lubricated, ensuring the maximum life and comfort out of your system. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance is not able to prevent normal wear and tear from happening. For this reason, we offer our programmers a 20% discount on all replacement parts.
  • Example: Assuming the retail cost of a motor replacement was $450 on the program you would save $90 on this single repair.
  • Whenever possible, our fully stocked trucks offer the highest quality parts like GE, Trane, and Honeywell.

20% Off Repair Labor Rates

  • Our standard labor rate is $125 per hour, 40% below the average Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer at $155/hr. Programmers receive an additional 20% OFF (lowering our rate to $89/hr). This means each time you request WHM’s repair service on your HVAC system you will save $17 for each and every hour.
  • We do not charge our program customers the standard minimum half hour service rate. All program customers are billed on 15-minute increments with no minimum half hour billed.
  • Our repair fleet is fully stocked so we are able to repair 99% of our calls on the first visit. This ensures speedier and more convenient service, lower labor repair cost, and happier customers.

No Trip Charges or Overtime Rates

It is common for service companies to charge a fee for the time it takes to drive to your home. This fee, often called a “Trip Charge” or “Fuel Surcharge,” can be as high as $100 per visit. Our program customers never have to worry about paying this fee.

Free Indoor & Outdoor Coil Cleanings

  • Most people minimize the importance of maintaining a clean system. Dirty coils are the #1 cause of bacteria growth in ductwork. Poor indoor air quality has been directly linked to dirty coils and drains. A dirty coil restricts airflow, expels odors, damages motors, decreases comfort, and reduces the life expectancy of the system.
  • Tests performed by the EPA showed that as little as 1/10th of a centimeter of dirt or dust on a coil can reduce efficiency by 21%. All programmers receive indoor and outdoor coil cleanings free of charge, a retail value of $165- $250 each time you need cleaning.
  • Utility companies state the average home’s heating and cooling cost is approximately $1800/year. This means a 21% loss in efficiency could increase the average homeowner’s annual utility cost $378!

Guaranteed Service In 24-Hours, 365 Days a Year!

  • Because we are family owned and operated, emergency repair assistance is always just around the corner. All of our program customers are guaranteed priority service within a 24 hour period!
  • When you call for service there is no need to stay home all day! We schedule our calls at your convenience in 3-5 hour windows, allowing you time to do fun things like going to work.

10% Off New Equipment Installations

  • Depending on brand and efficiency, a new properly installed system can range in price from $3000-$12,000. Regardless of brand, program customers receive 10% off the entire installation cost (an average of $300-$1200). This savings alone will pay for most, if not all, of what a homeowner initially paid for their Peak Performance Program!
  • During the dog days of summer, programmers can relax knowing that if an emergency replacement is required their families will not have to endure a week living in a home without comfort. From system design & engineering to metal fabrication & installation, we do it all in house. In fact, 80% of all of our installs begin on the next day!

Free Refrigerant “Freon or Puron R-22 or 410-A”

  • With new mandates from the EPA, and the fact that they will discontinue R-22 refrigerant in the year 2010, prices are continuing to rise. We have already seen auto refrigerant prices jump as high as $100/pound and now our industry is beginning to see the same effects!
  • All programmers receive refrigerant (R-22) free of charge! Since A/C systems contain 5-15 lbs of refrigerant, in the event you spring a leak, you can expect to save $190-$570 on each repair!
  • Due to escalating prices and refrigerant blend phase outs, programs purchased after 12/31/09 will be billed at 20% off retail rates. Programs purchased before 12/31/09 will be honored until their expiration date. Program renewals will not be grandfathered.
  • Leaks will need to be repaired if refrigerant losses are greater than one pound per year.

Fully Transferable

There is no charge for transferring your program. The program can stay with the new owner or be transferred to any new house within the Tarrant county vicinity.

Extended Warranties

  • All replacement parts are warranted for a minimum of 1 year, regardless of manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • All labor is warranted for 30 days. During this 30 day grace period there is never a charge to diagnose your system.

10% Off Plumbing Repairs

At WHM one call does it all! Our customers also receive 10% off an entire invoice on plumbing and drain cleaning

You deserve the very best all-around Home Maintenance in Tarrant County!

All of this for as little as $11.45 per month!

Simplify Your Home's Maintenance

Enjoy annual preventative maintenance for HVAC service, including discounts on service calls, AC & heating installation.

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