Why Do I Need To Have My Water Heater Serviced?

by | Sep 13, 2016

There is a little-known danger in potentially every home but, the good news is; with a little water heater maintenance will prevent this deadly incident. Water heaters can cause a home to explode. Water heaters have a pressure valve. As time goes by, they collect calcium and mineral deposits. These deposits will cause the pressure valve to stick. This builds pressure, much like a pressure cooker on the stove. The one important difference is that you can’t see or hear a warning-sign prior to explosion. But, with a little water heater maintenance and plumbing maintenance you can keep your water heater intact and save your life.

The type of water heater service you would need is a simple annual checkup and clearing of sediment and the cleaning out of hard deposits. This is more than what you see at the bottom of the water heater. Even if it looks clear to the naked eye you must have the heater itself checked by a certified company.

Water heater service will also aid greatly in reducing water bills significantly. Insulation is needed to protect the bills from going much higher. For more significant safety reasons make sure the pilot light is working as it should. Call a professional if it looks different than the blue or blue-green with only the tip being red showing. We want to prevent explosion and fire as well.

The anode rod is an important piece of equipment. This is what keeps the entire unit from eroding and rusting. This is one of the most important parts of plumbing maintenance for a home. If the anode rod is left unchecked and does not get replaced each year, the unit is left vulnerable and unsafe.

Being a proactive participant in your maintaining your water heater is the best thing you can do. For one, the water heater won’t always show outward symptoms of breakage. It may do so, but that’s not until it’s too far gone. Once things are unsafe, and you only have a small window to repair or replace it before it malfunctions, you may not have the affordability to get it done. This leads to a stress the homeowner does not need. The earlier you get started, the better.

Make sure that in the case of water heater explosions, maintenance programs are one of the best things you can do that pays back the investments time and again.

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