How To Know Your AC Is On Its Last Leg

by | Sep 16, 2016

If you have to call A/C repair technicians each year, it may be time to give it up and purchase a brand new unit. Frequent A/C repairs are an indicator your A/C is beginning to go out. Being caught in the hottest months of the year without an air conditioner that works can be devastating.

If you have noticed a rise in your HVAC bills, this could be a sign that something is very wrong. If your air conditioner isn’t working properly, it could cause your A/C to become overworked. During the summer months, it’s wise to have your unit working at its peak to avoid turning your home into a sauna.

You many notice your air conditioner begins to blow less forcefully; this isn’t because your A/C is working extra hard because of the extreme heat outside. Your A/C unit is struggling because it’s about to break altogether. Inspect your air filter immediately to see if this could be a quick solution to the problem. If your air filter is good, and you still have this problem, it’s best to consult with a technician immediately to address the problem.

If your A/C unit is continuously running and you are not getting any cold air, then you maybe have an issue. It may be a problem that’s simple to fix with a standard routine tune up, but it is also a key indicator that the A/C unit has to function more to keep you comfortable, and that ends up costing you more energy and money.

If your air conditioner begins creating unusual sounds, there might be an issue. Higher pitched sounds could mean a problem with the motors. Rattling sounds might signal a part is loose. Don’t risk it. Call a specialist to inspect it and determine if it’s worth fixing or if it’ll continue being problematic.

Like everything in life, the more something has aged, the poorer it finally gets. If your A/C is not cooling as economically as it did four to six years ago? Are different rooms warmer or cooler than others? Is it taking additional time to get your house cool? Each of these is common indications of an aging air conditioner. If your A/C is around ten years of age or older call Williams Home Maintenance at (817) 274-0661 for a no obligation in-house estimate and learn more about our current discounts on energy-saving A/C systems.

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