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Williams Home Maintenance Inc. is your #1 company in Pantego, Texas for all your gas services, including emergency gas leak repair, laying new gas lines, and repairing or replacing old and outdated lines.

We are just one call away for prompt response, diagnosis and quick repair or replacement of any gas line or gas service problems you may be having.

Atmos Energy, Your natural gas companyAt Williams Home Maintenance it is our goal not only to serve you with the most reliable and trustworthy gas service but to also educate you on the facts and safety of natural gas. We pair with Atmos Energy to provide you with the most up to date service and information about your natural gas.

Gas Line Safety

There are 3 ways to detect a natural gas leak:

  1. Smell: The mercaptan operant gives off a sulfur smell, or a smell like rotten eggs. This usually is the most obvious sign of a leak.
  2. Sight: Look for things blowing in the air, bubbling in the water or discolored and dead vegetation around a pipeline area.
  3. Sound: Listen for hissing or roaring noises.

If you suspect a natural gas leak and experience any of these warning signs, leave the area immediately, exit the building or home and call your natural gas company right away. If you can’t reach your gas company call your local fire department.

What to Avoid if a Natural Gas Leak is Detected

  • Do not operate electrical devices or use open flames near a gas leak.
  • Do not operate electrical devices.
  • Do not smoke or use matches or lighters.
  • Do not try to find the source of the leak.
  • Do not try to shut of the gas supply or your gas-fired appliances. You could cause a spark that ignites the leak, or damage your pipes and appliances.
  • Do not start your car.

The following information is from the Atmos Energy website:


Natural gas has very limited range of flammability — in concentrations in air below 4 percent and above about 14 percent natural gas will not burn. It also has a very high ignition temperature, about 1,200°F. The high ignition temperature and the limited flammability range make accidental ignition or combustion unlikely.

Odor and the Sense of Smell

Natural gas has no scent or color of its own, so government agencies require utility companies to add an odor. Atmos Energy and many other utilities mix in a harmless gas called “mercaptan,” which has the smell of rotten eggs. We follow precise steps to ensure proper levels of mercaptan are in the natural gas we deliver, so a person with a normal sense of smell will notice a leak if one happens.

Williams Home Maintenance wants to keep you safe and happy all year long. Keep our number and the Atmos number on hand at all times for emergencies.

Atmos Energy
Natural Gas Emergency

If you suspect a natural gas leak indoors or outdoors, leave the area immediately, call 9-1-1 and call our Atmos Energy gas emergency number.

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