Peace of Mind Plumbing Service Agreement

Two Free Plumbing Check-Ups Per Year

  • Complete plumbing inspection and drain service. This includes checking all of your plumbing fixtures and inspecting your hot water heater for operation efficiency, leaks and safety issues. This type of service alone would retail easily for $179.00.
  • The majority of homeowners fail to have their plumbing checked and discover leaks and other issues only after it has caused many thousands of dollars in damage to their home. Having your plumbing checked twice a year could possibly let you avoid costly repairs from water damage and wasted water. This allows us to identify minor problems (like a small water leak) before they can create more expensive repairs and damage to your home.
  • Getting your plumbing inspected is not only a good safety practice but also can give you “Peace of Mind” knowing that you are maintain your home rather than repairing it.

Free Replacement Parts

A complete inspection of your homes plumbing will find minor problems before they become major problems. Unfortunately, even the best maintenance is not able to prevent normal wear and tear from happening. For this reason parts that are most commonly replaced are free under out “Peace of Mind Program” In our pricing books, most parts and services are free and the ones that are not are discounted deeply. We have an open book price policy.

Free Labor

Our standard rate for plumbing is $125.00 per hour, 20% below the standard area rate. Our “Peace of Mind Program” customers get free labor on covered repairs. This means each time you request WHM, Inc plumbing services for a covered repair you will save $125.00 for each and every hour. Our repair fleet is fully stocked so we are able to repair 99% of our calls on the first visit. This ensures speedier, more convenient service, and happier customers.

No Trip Charges Or Service Call Charge

It is common in the service industry for companies to charge a fee for the time it takes to drive to your home. This fee is often called a “trip charge” or Fuel Surcharge,” This can be as high as $100.00 per visit. Our program customers never have to worry about paying this fee.

Free Hot Water Tank Service

  • Hot water heaters are the number one source of water damage in your home. Hot water heaters become inefficient from sediment build up, and also elements and burners not working properly causing higher utility cost. Our Hot Water Heater Service helps to control cost and avoid flooding of your home by flushing your tank annually and inspecting elements, burners and safety devices. Hot water heaters can also be a source for carbon monoxide poisoning, so we also check your tanks flue system and do a carbon monoxide test every six months.

  • Hot water heaters hold 40 to 60 gallons of hot water with a constant water source. A very small leak can dump hot water throughout your home in a matter of minutes. It’s better to replace it at your convenience, rather than wait for it to fail and cause costly damage to your home.
  • Plumbing drips and unseen leaks can also be very costly in water and utility bills as well as property damage before they are discovered. Our plumbers will do a thorough plumbing inspection of your home every six months and replace any leaky seals, faulty fill valves, supply stops or tank flappers. This benefit alone could save you $100’s a year.

Guarenteed Service In 24-Hours, 365 Days a Year!

  • Because we are family owned and operated, emergency repair assistance is always just around the corner. All of our program customers are guaranteed priority service within a 24 hour period!
  • When you call for service there is no need to stay home all day! We schedule our calls at your convenience in 3-5 hour windows, allowing you time to do fun things like going to work!

20% Off All Major Repairs and Fixtures

  • Most repairs are covered under our “Peace of Mind Program” however, in the event of a major repair or remodel you will receive a full 20% discount off the repair bill. This savings alone will pay for most if not all of what a homeowner initially paid for their Peace of Mind program!
  • You can relax knowing that if some unforeseen plumbing issue comes up that you are covered with the Peace of Mind Program and your family will not have to endure a long period of time with your home plumbing not working correctly. Our licensed and insured plumbers stand ready to tackle any issue and maintain your home in a fast, efficient and professional manner.
  • With your 20% discount on a slab leak, hot water heater or major remodel could save you anywhere from $200 to $3,000 alone each time.

Free Drain Cleaning Service

Home drains are a constant source of problems for the homeowner, from tree roots, to items being accidentally flushed down the drains, or even kitchen activities. Our drain service includes two annual inspections and up to TWO drain cleaning per year. We also treat your drains with a biologically safe enzyme treatment once a year guaranteeing that roots will not be the source of your stoppage for a whole year. The value of this treatment retails for $150.00. We also run a camera down your lines to ensure that there are no separations, breaks or bellies in your lines, normally $275.00 but for our Peace of Mind customers it is absolutely free of charge.

Fully Transferrable

There is no charge for transferring your program. The program can stay with the new owner or be transferred to any new house within the Tarrant county vicinity.

Extended Warranties

  • Free lifetime warranty on parts covered under plan as long as you remain a Peace of Mind program member.
  • Free labor warranty on all repairs as long as you remain a Peace of Mind program member.

10% Off Air Conditioning, Heating and Appliance Repairs

At WHM, INC One call does it all! Our program customers receive 10% off an entire invoice on air condition, heating and appliance repairs.

You deserve the very best all-around Home Maintenance in Tarrant County!

All of this for as little as $45 per month!

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