Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth it?

The basic rule of thumb for homeowners is that if the air ducts look dirty, then they most likely need to be cleaned (air duct cleaning). There are a host of problems that can occur is air ducts are not kept clean. This includes the accumulation of dust that is directly related to the air quality in a home. There is also energy waste that occurs when air ducts are dirty.

Family members who appear to have allergies or other types of respiratory problems often indicates an issue with air quality. The air quality in a home is directly related to the air coming from the ducts used for the air conditioner and furnace. One reason for ducts being dirty is typically the filter in the furnace or air conditioner. The filter needs to be changed every other month to prevent dirty air from being sent throughout the home. Dirty filters also make the air conditioner and furnace in a home work harder.

Cleaning of air ducts in a home helps to improve the air quality in a home. One way to determine if the ducts in your home need to be cleaned is to remove the register cover or colder air return cover. If there is a build up of lint or an accumulation of dirt, then the whole duct system should be cleaned. Cleaning the ducts also improves the efficiency of the furnace and air conditioner. Dirty ducts in a home make the air conditioner and furnace run harder. This will use more energy and increase utility bills.

The EPA suggests that cleaning of air ducts be done on an “as-needed” basis. This means that a regular cleaning is not always necessary. However, regular cleaning will not have any negative effects with an air conditioning system or furnace in a home. One way to see if cleaning is necessary is to have the air ducts in your home inspected once each year or every other year to see if they are dirty.

One of the biggest benefits of having air ducts cleaned is the increase in efficiency that is gained. If the air ducts in the home are kept clean, then less energy is being used to keep a home heated or cooled. This results in reduced energy use and a lower utility bill. Many homeowners will welcome lower utility bills that result by simply having all the air ducts in their home routinely cleaned.

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